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Digital organizational readiness: Experiences from manufacturing companies

Sustainable Transformation Seminars

The Sustainable Transformation Seminars spring 2022 series fourth seminar is held by speakers Carla G. Machado and Anna Ericsson Öberg, with the title "Digital organizational readiness: Experiences from manufacturing companies". The format is 25 minutes presentation and 20 minutes of guided and open discussion with a KTH moderator/host.

Tid: Fr 2022-06-10 kl 12.15 - 13.00

Plats: Online

Språk: English

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The Sustainable Transformation Seminars Spring 2022 series is held monthly, usually on a Friday. The seminar series will continue to be online, with the hope they can turn into physical seminars as well in the future.

Seminar description

Research and experience from manufacturing companies indicate that digital transformation is not only technology-centric but represents an important organizational change process. However, many companies still understand digital transformation only as “advanced digitization” and not as a continuous process of changes. The appeal of adopting new technologies without an appropriate foundation and purpose can increase organizational barriers, undermine companies’ maturing process and stopping them from having full access to digital technologies’ benefits.

Studies within manufacturing companies in Sweden enable identifying a set of organizational conditions that need to be assessed to evaluate the readiness for digital transformation in manufacturing companies. Volvo CE has included the set of the conditions in their digital readiness assessment model, and they are willing to share experiences regarding their digital transformation journey.


Anna Ericsson Öberg, Volvo Construction Equipment, Karlstads Universitet

Anna Ericsson Öberg. Photo: Private

"I am working as head of Management System and Data analysis at Volvo Construction Equipment, supporting our 14 sites around the globe. One area I am working on is our digitalization initiative called Factory 4 Tomorrow. Since half a year ago I am also working part time as associated professor at Karlstad University in Mechanical Engineering and Materials. There I am involved in the newly started research center DAMI, digital adaptive manufacturing. I am passionate about collaboration between academia and industry and to get the two “worlds” to work together the best way possible."

Anna Ericsson Öberg email

Carla G. Machado, Jönköping International Business School

Carla G. Machado. Photo: JIBS

Carla G. Machado has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Systems. Assistant Professor in Business Administration at the Jönköping International Business School, with focus on Supply Chain Management. Affiliated researcher at the MMTC – Media, Management and Transformation Centre, CeFEO – Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership and supplychain4.org. Current research focus include organizational digital readiness, supply chain sustainability and resilience, digital transformation in supply chains and sustainable manufacturing.

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