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Capacity Building in Higher Education

Capacity Building in Higher Education is a part of ERASMUS+ Action 2. It provides support for joint undertakings in higher education with partner institutions from the developing countries outside the European Union.

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union.

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union. 

The project applications shall be developed taking to account specific priorities defined for each region. More information about the composition of the regions, available budgets and the regional priorities is provided in the call documents below.

Capacity Building in Higher Education Call for Proposals are published in November every year.

Actions Dates
Evaluation period March-July 2022
Information to applicants August 2022
Signature of the Grant Agreement End of November 2022

New features in this call for proposals

  • Application through FTOP .
  • Application template – standard EU proposal template will be used, see example down this page.
  • New budget calculation approach - Lump Sum II.
  • 3 strands with different focus and partnership requirements.

General call information and budget

General information

Strand 1: Fostering access to cooperation in higher education

Strand 2: Partnerships for transformation in higher education

Strand 3: Structural reform projects

Documents provided by EACEA for this call for proposals

Standard proposal template (pdf 1,9 MB)
Call document (pdf 387 kB)
Guide for applicants (pdf 2,1 MB)
Model Grant Agreement (pdf 1,9 MB)
Logical Framework Matrix (pdf 104 kB)

Documents for school approval

Document for school approval CBHE 2022_word (docx 64 kB)

Document for school approval CBHE 2022 (pdf 313 kB)

Application package

Important: Use the new templates from 28 January 2022

Please, be aware that new templates for Capacity Building application were published January 28 2022. Please, make sure that you use correct templates in your application.

According to the application rules, only 2 files shall be attached to the online application form (Part A) – Part B and Budget tables. The Logical Framework Matrix shall be filled in and inserted into the part B. The new templates for Part B, Budget tables and Logical Framework Matrix can be downloaded below.

Tpl_Application Form (Part B SEP) (ERASMUS BB and LSII).docx (docx 180 kB)

Tpl_Detailed Budget Table (ERASMUS LSII).xlsm (xlsm 211 kB)

2022 CBHE - Logical Framework Matrix table.docx (docx 19 kB)

Online event for the new call

December 2 EACEA organised an online event for presenting the new call. The event was recorded and the recording is available on webcast.ec.europa.eu .

The pdf-presentations shown at the event can be downloaded below: