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Equality Forum: Investigation of cases of discrimination and harassment at KTH

Many at KTH don’t know how cases of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimization are managed and investigated. This is problematic because it can both lead to a higher than necessary threshold for reporting, and also create unrealistic expectations regarding how investigations are conducted. Come to the next Equality Forum to get more information and to ask your questions!

Tid: To 2022-04-28 kl 11.05 - 12.00

Plats: Zoom (sign-up required)

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The purpose of this Equality Forum, with the topic of the process around reported cases of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization, is to create a greater understanding of what happens after someone has reported a case and what the reporting person can expect from KTH.

Felicia Gustafsson, HR Officer, EECS contact person for staff
Sofia Norlander, group manager, EECS contact person for students
Roh Petas, JML strategist, KTH Equality Office (moderator)

This Equality Forum is organised as a Zoom Webinar. The participants won’t be able to see or write to each other but they can write questions to the speakers. After registering you’ll also have the opportunity to send in questions to the panel in advance.

To make information about the management and investigation of cases even more accessible, this event will be organised twice. First in Swedish (at 10:00-10:55) and then in English (at 11:05-12:00).

Register by filling out this form: www.kth.se/form/equalityforum28aprilen

The Equality Forums are organized by KTH Equality Office. The Forums aim to increase the accessibility of KTH’s JML work (gender equality, diversity and equal conditions) for both staff and students. Equality Forums are regularly occurring, themed sessions for information and discussion, based on the needs raised by the organization itself. The Forums will take place approximately once a month, primarily via Zoom, and offer possibilities of in-house training and dialogue around JML issues.


Roh Petas