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Satellite Sublime: Scale and Scope of Sea Ice in Environmental Monitoring and Communication

Tid: On 2020-02-12 kl 15.00 - 16.00

Plats: Lecture Hall D3, Lindstedtsvägen 9

Medverkande: Nina Cyrén Wormbs

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Nina Cyrén Wormbs works on a monograph about the complicated process of achieving knowledge and understanding of environmental and climate change through satellite technology. In particular, the book focuses on the production, dissemination and use of satellite imagery for scientists, practitioners and the public. She argues that the use of these images affect the understanding of what the environment is (a claim developed in this article https://doi-org.focus.lib.kth.se/10.1080/07341512.2018.1548066). The empirical focus is the monitoring and communication of sea ice in the Arctic ocean.

There will be coffe and cake for the 30 first attendees!