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3rd Conference of the Swedish Protein Materials Network, Protein materials for a sustainable future

This conference will bring together researchers and students from various fields related protein
material, e.g. new bioplastics, food production, biomedicine and nanomaterials. Thanks to
generous support of the KTH sustainability office, FORMAS and VR, the conference is free of
charge for all participants.

Tid: To 2019-03-07 - Fr 2019-03-08 kl 01.00

Plats: KTH Albanova, Stockholm


Thomas Crouzier crouzier@kth.se

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Confirmed speakers:
Sarah Bondos (Texas A&M University, USA)
Sierin Lim (NTU, Singapore)
Marleen Kamperman (Groningen, Netherlands)
Artur Manuel Cavaco Paulo
(University of Minho, Portugal)
Oliver Lieleg (TUM, Germany)
Karin Åkerfeldt (Haverford College, USA)
Ramune Kuktaite (SLU, Sweden)
The conference is open for abstract submission for both poster and oral presentation.
Abstract submission deadline is on the 20th of January
Registration and abstract submission: sweprotmat.biotech.kth.se

For questions, contact the organization committee:
Christofer Lendel Thomas Crouzier My Hedhammar
(lendel@kth.se) (crouzier@kth.se) (myh@kth.se)