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KTH Space Rendezvous

Space Situational Awareness

Tid: To 2022-04-21 kl 13.00 - 19.00

Plats: Lecture hall F2, KTH Campus

Videolänk: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/66021874602

Språk: English

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KTH Space Center organizes two Space Rendezvous each year, one during each academic period. It is a half day event filled with talks on a specific space-related topic. Join us for another exciting KTH Space Rendezvous on April 21st. This time the theme is “Space Situational Awareness”, inlcuding topics like Space Weather, Orbiting Space Objects and Natural Space Debris.

It is free to participate in the Space Rendezvous, and the event is open to everyone. 

Subject Speaker Time
Introduction Christer Fuglesang, Director KTH Space Center  13:00
Military Space Surveillance and Tracking Matti Nylund, Deputy research director, department for defence technology, Swedish university of technology 13.10
Warning and mitigation systems for asteroid impacts Mikael Granvik, Associate professor, asteroid engineering laboratory, Luleå university of technology 13.35
Space weather: From sun to mud Emiliya Yodanova, Scientist, Swedish institute of space physics 14.00
Fika Break - 14.25

Space situational awareness: SNSA's perspectives

Johan Köhler, Director, Space research and development, Swedish national space agency 14.55

Hera Mission: First steps towards planetary defence

Paolo Ferri, Former head of ESA mission operations 15.20
KTH Student Space Projects' updates Aesir, MIST, Rexus, Alpha and green raven 15.50
Panel Debate on Space Situational Awareness Moderated by Christer Fuglesang 16.20
Concluding Remarks Christer Funglesang, Director, KTH Space Center 16.55
Space Pub All participants invited to join for drinks 17.00