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Important! Be aware of false e-mails / SPAM

Published Mar 14, 2024

Right now we are noticing a wave of SPAM via e-mail. It is very important to always be vigilant and to ensure that the sender's address is correct before acting on an e-mail.

Several recipients at the ABE school have received e-mails with the heading "For KTH ABE staff". Some have also received threatening e-mails with blackmail attempts etc. The sender claims, for example, to have documented surfing habits with the recipient's webcam. There are also e-mails claiming to link you to administrative services or to information about a salary raise.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail

1) NEVER click, reply or follow instructions - do not click on any link or open any attachment, do not reply to the e-mail and do not follow instructions to search for specific provided search terms. (And if you already have done, contact )

2) Send the e-mail message to  as an attachment - either to report spam or if you need help to determine if the e-mail is spam. How to attach the unwanted e-mail as attachment

3) Delete the e-mail message.

At KTH, ongoing efforts are made to take action so that e-mail of a harmful nature never reaches the user. It is therefore important to report immediately if you have been affected.