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President's visit with focus on education and new excellent educational environments

Published Mar 24, 2022

On Thursday 24 March, the annual President's visit was carried out when President Sigbritt Karlsson, Vice President Mikael Östling and University Director Kerstin Jacobsson visited the ABE school. This year's visit focused on the school's education and new excellent educational environments. The visit took place in the two new digital labs at Teknikringen 78; The Lab for a Digital Built Environment, DiSa, and Trimble Technology Lab.

The morning began in Trimble Technology Lab, where Head of School Muriel Beser Hugosson began the programme by presenting the ABE school and talking briefly about the school's activities and current projects. Afterwards, the floor was given to the school's newly appointed Deputy Heads of School Björn Berggren and David Nilsson, who introduced themselves and their new assignments as Head of Faculty Renewal and Head of Communication, Collaboration and Impact.

This was followed by information about the ABE school's educational programmes from the school's Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) Malin Wennerholm who, among other things, spoke about ongoing educational initiatives with the education of the future and gender equality, diversity and equal treatment issues (JML) integration. After that, it was time for Deputy Director of First and Second Cycle Education (Deputy GA) Kjartan Gudmundsson to introduce the Trimble Technology Lab and tell the audience a little bit about the hardware and software applications for e.g. building construction, infrastructure and distance measurement that Trimble has donated to KTH.

The Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa) - an excellent educational environment

After a short break, it was time to visit the school's new lab, The Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa) which will is being launched in the spring of 2022. The former BIM lab at Teknikringen 78 has been transformed into an interdisciplinary living workshop for the digital information process in the built environment and an future meeting place for students, teachers and industry.

The visit was briefly introduced by Head of School Muriel Beser Hugosson, who described the ABE school's work with recent years' investments within the framework of the President's decision on excellent educational environments. This includes for example the development of the new DiSa lab, but also the announcement of a number of teaching and research assistant roles linked to the school's various educational / research areas. The word then went to the new Director of DiSa, Ahmad Reza Roozbeh, who spoke more about the lab and its advanced tools for, for example, data collection, analysis, visualization and communication.

Presentations from ABE students and alumni

Then it was time for presentations by some of the school's students and alumni. Jordan Berman from the master's programme in civil and architectural engineering briefly spoke about the BIM-project that he has completed during his research assistant employment in 2021. Then it was the architectural alumna Freya Tigerschiöld's turn to present her degree project MORE THAN DWELLING - A small-scale infill project combining workspace and home. Her presentation was followed by Johan Rydholm and Alexander Kohler, alumni from the master's program in real estate and construction management and winners of Samhällsbyggarna's award for best degree project in real estate economics 2021, who told about their degree project Empirical study of the impact of green certification on rental income and their time at and after KTH.

As a conclusion, Head of School Muriel Beser Hugosson presented the ABE school's ongoing work with lifelong learning courses and needs for future initiatives.

It was a very pleasant morning that offered a greater insight into the school's education and new educational environments for both KTH's management and the rest of the audience.