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Get started with e-signature

To test Adobe Sign

If you want to test Adobe Sign, there is a workflow called "TEST (Används om du vill testa Adobe Sign, kopia skickas EJ till registrator)".

This workflow allows you to test sending test decisions for signatures without the registrar receiving them.

Adobe Sign

The Adobe Sign service is used to supplement the document that is drawn up in a word template with e-signatures from everyone who is required to sign. The decision date is set automatically when signing.

2.1 Log in to Adobe Sign
You log in at . Then log in with the following steps.

Log in Adobe.
  1. Login to Adobe Sign. You enter your @ address and then press the "Tab" key on your keyboard. (Note, you use your personal KTH email address, not a functional address)
  2. You will then come to KTH's login. The username is your KTH account, but with the extension UG according to
  3. You use the same password as to log in to other systems at KTH.

We have received reports that the login sometimes does not work with Internet Explorer, so please use Firefox or Chrome.

If you receive an error message, “Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your support staff”, contact .

2.2 Click “Start from library”

If you are not in the view as shown above, click on hem / home.

1. Click “Start from library”

Chose workflow

2. Click “Workflows”

3. Select the appropriate workflow. Right now the options are “KTH: Interna beslut med e-signatur”, “Anställningsavtal” and “Anställningsbekräftelser”. Note that the workflows are different. Links to more information about the specific workflows can be found in the menu on the left.

4. Then click “start”.

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Last changed: Mar 29, 2023