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To make it clear that KTH is the sender of the newsletter, this guide explains where the logo, footer and other graphic elements should be placed.

Guidelines that the newsletter should follow

These guidelines can be applied to all mailing items, and indicate the placement of the KTH graphic profile in digital newsletters distributed by a school or other part of the operation.

The header of the newsletter contains the logo, possibly with the English name if the mailing list is international, as well as the name of the sender within KTH. The above should be seen as guidelines that the newsletter must follow.

The footer of the newsletter contains KTH elements, web address and contact information for the content administrator. This part should also be viewed as guidelines that the newsletter must follow.

The font used in newsletters is Arial, just as the headers and running text of news items on the KTH website.

Contents in the form of blurbs and image placement can be viewed as recommendations for good legibility and to reflect the profile used by KTH in other digital forums.

Things to consider when sending out a digital newsletter:

  • What is the purpose of this newsletter?
  • Who are our readers?
  • What are we trying to communicate?
  • How can we do so effectively?