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Creating users and access

How you set up new users and assign them access in Varbi

The basics of user management

Users and access in Varbi are managed at school level. New users are created by each school’s superusers. Super user access is held by most HR employees at the schools and gives access to the Admin button and its Users submenu. Existing superusers can order access for new superusers from

All users who have edit access in a case can assign access restricted to that case. This is done at ball 1, the Add access button. Only users who already have a Varbi user can be given access in this way.

Create new user

Select Admin → User. Press Add user.

How to find and add users in Search user catalogue

Users who have an email

All users at KTH with an email log in via single sign on (SSO). In other words, they go to, log in with their KTH password and can then open KTH’s various systems via Services in the top menu bar.

For this to work, the user must be added via the Search user catalogue button. Find the person using his/her email address or name. Always use the “short email” ( Click the person’s row below the search window, add the telephone number manually and press Save.

External users

Manually enter the details of the external user. Press Save. To send the new user a login link and the opportunity to set a new password, press the Send login information, external button.

Add access

The user you created can now log in to Varbi, but has no access in any cases. Press Add access.First, select which access the user is to have.

For HR users, select the Create and edit advertisement access.

For external experts (sakkunniga), select Expert (read only, no comments).

For managers, various access can be selected depending on what the manager is to be able to do in the case. Ordinarily, one of the following is chosen: Read access (can read applications); Write, comment and give points (can also comment on and score applications); or, Communicate with candidates (can also send messages to candidates via Varbi).

Assign new access

An access can apply to a whole sublevel or to an individual recruitment case. At Sublevel 1, select school. At Sublevel 2, you can select an individual case or a department (if the school has set such up in Varbi).

If you wish, you can set the access to end after a certain date.

Inactive users

The number of users in Varbi is limited. Thus, users who are no longer required should be disabled via the Inactivate user button. A user must never be deleted from Varbi.