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Message function

How the system’s message function works

General about the message function

Varbi has an in-built message function. Messages can be sent from Varbi to: candidates in cases for which you are responsible; and, your colleagues. A notification mail is sent to anyone who has received a new message. The message is normally read in Varbi.

Messages can be sent in three different ways.

Automatic message to candidate

When a candidate applies for a new job, a confirmation message is automatically sent to him/her. This message is signed with the name of the person in charge of the recruitment and cannot be responded to.

Message to candidate sent from case view

This function is available for those with Communicate with candidates access and higher. Select one or more candidates’ applications and then select the Message button. Write either a free text message or use one of the ready-to-use message templates. These templates use codes that automatically retrieve the applicant’s name, the case title, etc.

The candidate receives an email from Varbi saying that he/she has received a message from KTH (which can be read in Varbi) and a direct link to this message. If the candidate chooses to write a response to the message, the original sender at KTH is notified by an email similar to that received by the candidate.

Message to user sent from edit mode

In KTH’s recruitment processes, messages must be sent at certain steps, for example, between administrators at the school (HL S in the image) and the “Group for faculty recruitment”. At these steps, there are buttons for sending messages direct from the current process step, e.g. at ball 1 Initiation and ball 5 Complete.

These messages are logged and can be viewed at the relevant Varbi process step. This makes it easy to see that all steps have been correctly carried out. For logging to be correct in the case, these messages must not be responded to via the Answer button. Instead, the recipient must go into Varbi and create a new message by pressing the Send message in process step button.