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Completing a recruitment

How to complete a recruitment in Varbi and file case records to W3D3

General about completing and record filing

A case in Varbi results in either: one or more people being appointed; or, the case being terminated. In both instances, the case has to be completed in Varbi.

Terminating a case

If, for any reason, a case had to be terminated, do one of the following:

  • The case has been created, but has no registration number – You yourself can remove the case from your case list in Varbi.
  • The case has been created and has a registration number – Contact for case unlocking and removal. You must also contact the registrar to have the case removed from W3D3.
  • The case has been “published” – Whether or not there are applicants, the case must be terminated using the Cancel project button under process step 5 Complete. Case records must then be filed and the case canceled as per the procedures below (notification of employment decision included therein).
  • If the case has been published, you must also currently, before you can do the above, email and ask them to retract publication.

Notification of Employment decision

A notification of Employment decision must be added before a case has its records filed in Varbi. As of the date you give notification, the case’s appeal period runs for 21 days. Even if the recruitment has been terminated or if there is no appeal, a notification is to be added to all cases.

Ensure that any appointed person has employee status. Go to process step 5 Complete and click Add/show employment decision. Only people with employee status are shown. On the screen, select the candidate. Other details do not need to be changed. The notification date must always be the day’s date. Press add. If several people were appointed in the same recruitment, repeat the above step for each person.

If the case was canceled, notification is added in the same way apart from as regards employed status. When you add the notification of employment decision, write he text “Case canceled” instead of name.

Communication of appointment decision

Select all candidates who were not appointed. Press Message. Select the Underrättelse om anställningsbeslut - rejection message template. Follow the instructions in the template. Press Send. All recipients are automatically given “Rejection” status in the candidate list.

Process step 5: Complete

Enter either the date the school decided on appointment or the date when the employment contract was signed.

Confirm that you sent the appointment decision communication.

Archiving records in Varbi.

Ensure that: all appointees have Employee status; there is a notification; and, all people not appointed have rejection status. All process steps must be finalised in edit mode and must be shown as selected (marked with a green tick).

In the process step 5 Complete, click the button Archive project. The case is locked against further editing and moved to Filed case records. The night after record filing, case files and information are transferred to KTH’s W3D3 registration system.

Closing a case in W3D3

Files are transferred to W3D3 at night. An email is then sent to the person who pressed File records in Varbi. This email asks for the case to be closed in W3D3.

Check the case card:

  • Complete counterpart if relevant (cases initiated by one person, e.g. docent, promotion).
  • Complete unit in charge.
  • Complete case type (ks code).
  • Complete administrator.
  • Check that the case is complete.

Check the document card:

  • Check that document dates are correct (change to correct date where necessary).
  • Check that documents handled outside the recruitment system (e.g. decision and employment contract) have been entered in the register.

Next tick the “Ended” box in the case card and press Save. File the originals of case documents.

Responsibility for registration and record filing

Each school is responsible for registration and record filing of: the school’s recruitments where these are type T/A/S, doctoral students, postdocs, researchers, research assistants and lecturers; employment contracts; and, decisions in respect of associate professors.

Record filing and registration responsibilities for teaching appointments (professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, docents, etc.) are detailed for each case type in KTH’s administrative procedures for teaching appointments .

The registrar of Joint Operations Support (VS) files records of Support Services (VS) T/A/S appointments in the recruitment system and closes them in W3D3.