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Storträffen meet up - Develop learning and a culture of learning in times of AI and wicked problems

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In order to strengthen KTH-wide cooperation, exchange of experience and continuous quality improvement of our programmes, the Storträffen meet up is arranged every term. In addition, there are several thematic groups, so-called PriU groups (Priority). These arenas are open to everyone at KTH, teachers, students and staff alike.

Time: Fri 2023-05-26 12.30 - 16.30

Location: Q1

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Storträffen Meetup on AI and wicked Problems

Welcome to the Storträffen Meetup on AI and wicked Problems, a gathering for teachers, students, and staff at KTH who want to explore how we can develop learning and a culture of learning in times of AI and wicked problems. In recent years, artificial intelligence has taken great strides, leading to impressive advances in areas such as medicine, transportation, and communication. But at the same time, we have also encountered challenges that cannot be solved with traditional methods, so-called wicked problems. This Storträffen Meetup will to a large extent focus on these problems and how we can effectively manage them. We will, as usual in the Storträffen Meetup, come together across all boundaries of KTH to share experiences and discuss new perspectives and solutions that can help us create a more effective and sustainable teaching and learning culture for the future. Join us for an exciting and thought-provoking discussion about the limits of AI! [written with the help of Genarative AI]

Storträffen meet up in English

This Storträffen meet up will be entirely physical and largely in English (in plenary and in several discussion groups).


The registration link is open as long as space is available.

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Preliminary times Activity Location


Lunch, name tags, overview and mingle!

Q house


Introduction and welcome!

(In English)

KTH Pedagogical Prize winner 2022

Luigia Brandimarte, an esteemed Associate Professor and Docent in Hydraulic Engineering at KTH, talks about her groundbreaking teaching approaches on the way she embraces innovation and cross-disciplinary methods.

Read the interview and listen to the Podcast here: 

Framtidens Utbildning

Per Fagrell talks about the Future of Education exhibition at the Storträffen.



Round 1

Q-house and outdoors


Round 2

Q-house and outdoors


Coffee break



Round 3

Q-house and outdoors


Summary and conclusion

(In English)


Mingle and after talk. FULLY BOOKED!

​​​​​​​Future education at KTH ​​​​​​​ – the new change programme that will help us structure our development work of KTH’s education – willsponsor the mingle, as the programme supports activities that encourage and facilitate employees to collaborate, exchange experiences and learn with and from each other.

Reaktorhallen (In Swedish)

Arenas for the development of KTH's programmes

In order to strengthen cooperation, exchange of experience and continuous quality improvement of KTH's programmes, major meetings and priority (PriU) groups have been developed in recent years. Everyone at KTH is welcome.

Storträffen Meet up

Once a semester, Leif Kari, Vice-president for Education, invites everyone at KTH (teachers, education managers, education administration staff and student representatives) to the Storträffen Meet up that addresses current and priority issues for KTH's education. A large part of the meeting is in a roundtable format where you can choose from several different topics to network and discuss around. Table leaders are responsible for summarizing and formulating how KTH could jointly move forward on each issue.

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Priority Issues working Groups (PriU)

The priority groups (PriUs) are organised around specific individual themes and meet during the year to deepen discussions and the development of ideas. All interested staff and interested students are welcome to participate in the PriU-groups.
​​​​​​​Read more about the active Priority groups here (In Swedish)


If you would like to come in contact with us please email