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Bank-ID saves hundreds of working hours

Portrait of Marina Wellén and Sandra Meneses
Marina Wellén and Sandra Meneses emphasise a number of administrative benefits that the introduction of Mobile Bank ID has brought. Above all, the workload and the risk of errors have been reduced.
Published Nov 09, 2023

Issuing a KTH account via Mobile Bank ID has resulted in major efficiency and quality gains. This applies to the staff in KTH Entré as well as students, teachers, researchers and other employees.
"We previously had a heavy workload before each call and 137 working hours were saved in two weeks," says administrator Sandra Meneses.

In May, Mobile Bank ID finally became a reality in the KTH world. Time-consuming and extensive manual work with list management and packing of individual notes was then replaced by a common QR code that activated all KTH accounts. In addition, the planning and implementation of the national reception of around 3,000 students at the start of the term has also been simplified.

"August and the start of term are labour-intensive," says Marina Wellén, group manager at Information and Service.

Managed volumes

The 137 hours saved relate to the first two weeks of reception for the autumn term 2023 for the Central IT Support (IT) and Information and Service together (EDO) groups.

During the same period:
– 5,973 Mobile Bank ID activations.
– 1 869 activations with a code after physical presentation of a document during the reception of international students.

The digital delivery of KTH's account is a sub-project in KTH's main project Lawful Identity and Access Management. With the new solution, all students and employees can easily activate, change their password and restore their account via Mobile Bank ID.

Major advantage

"Many students and employees can activate their account at any time of the day and do not have to come here and queue. This is a major advantage for national students studying at a distance. The increased level of security in identity management is also a benefit".

During the reception weeks in August, a total of 137 working hours were saved at IT support, KTH Entré, and Information and Service.

"It was more complicated and resource-intensive in the past, with the risk of errors. This year it was very quick and easy," says administrator Sandra Meneses and Marina Wellén adds:

"The workload is reduced and there is time to focus on other important parts of the reception. In August, all higher education institutions have intense weeks with long queues at the entrances, lots of emails to deal with, and various events going on."

Portrait of Marina Wellén and Sandra Meneses
Marina Wellén and Sandra Meneses.

Increased security level

In addition to mobile Bank-ID an improvement in Ladok was also introduced: now all Ladok users can increase their security level digitally . Previously, you had to be on site and identify yourself.

"Looking ahead, all students with a Swedish social security number must raise their trust level (AL2) to be able to log in to Ladok , no later than 10 December. Everyone with a Swedish social security number can do it with Mobile Bank ID," says Marina Wellén.

How has the new digital solution been received?

"It has been in demand. The work has been simplified on several levels and we can offer a better service where everything is much smoother," says Sandra Meneses.

FOOTNOTE: The security level, or trust level, is an indication of how confident we are about who holds a KTH account. At the lowest level (AL1), it can be the person who provided the information themselves and at the higher ones (AL2), someone has done an identity check. For employees, AL2 was required from 1 July 2023.

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Last changed: Nov 09, 2023