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Anders Forsgren
Anders Forsgren, Professor, School of Engineering Science (SCI). Photo: Susanne Kronholm

"Safeguarding high quality basic research is extremely important"

Published Mar 22, 2019

Hi there, Anders Forsgren, Professor of Optimization and Systems Theory, who has been proposed as Dean of Faculty for the next four years.

What does the role of Dean of Faculty mean to you?

“I am both honoured and thrilled to have been proposed as Dean of Faculty, a role in which you have ultimate responsibility for faculty influence. Doing everything quickly and efficiently is part of the Zeitgeist today. However, at a university, you also need to take the time to go into things in depth and provide space for initiatives that do not deliver an immediate pay back. The Faculty Council is therefore a much needed counterweight to the line organisation to ensure that the faculty has a big influence. But it’s less about fighting line organisation management and more about working together.”

How do you intend to use your influence as Dean, what issues would you pursue?

“Recruitment and all that entails is important for the future of KTH. Everything from whom we recruit to the work environment and employment terms and conditions. We have amazingly skilled employees and put a big responsibility on their individual shoulders. We need to review the terms and conditions we offer and what the financing picture looks like, for example. It is also important that you think from a KTH perspective, create opportunities and organise meetings that enhance the positive feeling and an understanding of the value of being part of KTH.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges to KTH in the next few years?

“Safeguarding high quality basic research is extremely important. It is the case today, that people want to see research that can quickly be transformed into applications. We are also exposed to competition and even though we are well-positioned at this moment in time, we cannot rest on our laurels. It is important that we continuously develop both research and education. Having said that - quality assurance is both important and necessary, however the focus on ranking and measuring also means a risk of focusing on the wrong things and swamping staff with questionnaires and surveys.”

What can you bring to the table and benefit from as dean, from your own experience as a researcher?

“Patience. That you need to raise your gaze and see the direction you are going in. The drive and determination to adopt a long-term approach to achieving a goal.”

Text: Ursula Stigzelius

Anders Forsgren

In the news as: Proposed by the nomination committed as KTH Dean of Faculty, July 2019 – June 2023

Background at KTH: MSc in Engineering Physics 1985, PhD in Optimization and Systems Theory 1990, Associate Professor 1995 and Professor 2003.

Management experience at KTH:

  • As Deputy Head of School at SCI 2009 – 2017, Forsgren was responsible for recruitment and faculty issues such as faculty development, faculty renewal and associated equal opportunities issues.
  • Director of Optimization and Systems Theory at the Department of Mathematics since 2009.

Family: Wife and three daughters, aged 25, 23 and 21. “My family is very important to me.”

Outside work: “My wife and I met within orienteering and spending time in nature is still a big common interest. We love going fell walking and also really enjoy the countryside around our holiday home in Bohuslän”.

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