Thesis defence

We support you for your thesis defence, lecturer lecture or your licentiate seminar by arranging flowers and water for the venue, catering, gift and travel arrangements for the opponent and decision committee.


Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), KTH allows opponents and/or members of the grading committee, as well as the opponent (special reviewer) at licentiate thesis seminars, to participate in a public defence of doctoral thesis via video link, organized using Zoom . Make sure that the chair of the ceremony is informed, appropriate halls are booked, and that the contact details to the opponent and/or committee members are up-to-date, so as to avoid delays due to technical issues. Since this affects many meatings at KTH, IT-support  may not be able to give on-site support on very short notice. Until further notice, a scanned copy of the minutes (protocol) containing all signatures are accepted in cases where not all members are physically present.

Flowers and water for the room of dissertation

We support you by arranging flowers and water for the venue of the dissertation.


  To order catering
To order from Mathem

Please note! Service Center does not buy any alcoholic beverages, but this can be ordered from our catering vendours. There will be an extra cost for serving staff.

Lunch, social dinner or mingle for the oppontent and the comittee

We can help you order a restaurant or venue for your lunch / dinner / mingle. (Only in Stockholm).


We e can help you to order a gift for the respondent, opponent/committee from KTH's profile shop .
Notify Service Center  well in advance of the event.

Travel arrangement and practicalities for opponent and committee members

Please send a mail to Service Center  containing the following information:

  • main supervisor (contact person),
  • date,
  • venue,
  • project number to pay for the travel,
  • invoice reference XXX KTHCBH,
  • e-mail adress to the opponent/committee,
  • if you have any agreement regarding reimbursement,
  • e-mail adresses for opponent/ committee,
  • request regarding lunch/social dinner,
  • request regarding gift.

When we received the information we will contact the opponent and committee and help them to arrange their travel and accommondation.
All travel and accommondation booking are made via KTH:s travel agency Egencia (in Swedish) .