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Approving/sakattesterar invoices in EFH

Here you can read about what you, as an authorized approver/sakattestant in EFH, need to think about when you review and forward an invoice for payment.

The invoice's path to payment

In order for an invoice to be paid, it must "flow" through KTH's electronic invoicing system called EFH. The first person who receives the invoice in the work flow is the sakattestant and has the authority to verify that the invoice is correct. It is this person who verifies that the ordered item has been delivered and that everything is in accordance with the agreement. The invoice is then handled by an finance administrator who writes text for the accounting and selects the correct account to which the cost should be posted. At the end of the work flow, the invoice goes to the financial approver who approves the purchase and that payment from KTH is to take place. When the invoice has been financially certified, the cost of the project is made visible at the same time that the invoice will be included in the payment file to the bank.

In order to be authorized to sakattestera/approve invoices you can contact , approval from your manager and your social security number are needed before the access is granted. When the access is given you will be notified with information and instructions. You can also read more here: Manuals

Invoice adress

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Box 24075
104 50 Stockholm
The reference should be written: EXAMPLE KTHCBH
(EXAMPLE shall be replaced with the username/KTHID.)

KTH:s organization number: 202100-3054
Vat nr: SE202100305401

Invoices to KTH must have the correct invoice address and reference

Invoice adress

As of April 1, 2019, invoices must be sent electronically to the public sector. PDF invoice via email is not classified as an electronic invoice. Read more on invoice and payment: Invoice and payment

If a supplier wants to send an invoice via e-mail, please ask the supplier to send the invoice directly to fakturaservice:

How to approve/sakattestera invoices in EFH

When approving invoices in the first step in the work flow, it is important that the correct documentation is included and that everything is correct before it can proceed to the financial approval. Here is how you do it before you approve your invoice as a sakattestant in different situations:

  • Check that the invoice is correct, i.e. that it corresponds with the agreement and that KTH has received what has been ordered. Also look out for possible attempted invoice fraud. If the invoice is incorrect, the supplier should be contacted.
  • Briefly and clearly explain the purpose of the purchase in the comments field. For invoices with high amounts, please clarify the category the purchase relates to, for example consumables or fixed assets.
  • When purchasing fixed assets and equipment such as machines, instruments, computers, cameras, mobile phones etc , main User, Location (address + room) and Serial number should be stated in the comments field. Also, inform if the purchase is a new fixed assets or a supplement to an existing and if we will receive more invoices related to the same fixed asset.
  • For invoices related to food and drinks, make sure the purpose is stated and that a participant list is attached in EFH/Agresso. ATT! KTH doesn´t cover costs for gratuity/tips in Sweden! List of participants, external representation , List of participants, internal representation , List of participants work meal  Unsure which one? Try using this schematic overview of meals and classification: schematic overview
  • For invoices related to conferences, a program, an agenda or invitation need to be attached.
  • For invoices related to a business trip, a clear purpose need to be stated.
  • For invoices that relates to the purchase of consultancy services, a reference to the agreement’s reference number need to be entered in the comment field or the agreement should be attached.
  • If publishing in open access, always contact the KTH Library. You find more information here: Open Access
  • If you will be absent and will not be able to process invoices, you must activate a replacement. If you need help, for example, if you do not have a replacement in the system, please contact

Links for more information

More information about invoice managment: invoice management
More information about purchase and procurement: Purchase and procurement