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AEM with Head of School Sonja Berlijn

and Life Long Learning

Published May 12, 2021

Watch the recording from the meeting with Swedish or English subtitles and read answers to the questions that came in for Lifelong Learning. The next meeting is 9 June at 9:00.

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9 June, 9–9:45

The Zoom link will be published on the intranet  and in the newsletter pEECS

In her latest meeting for all employees (AEM), EECS' Head of School Sonja Berlijn discussed, among other things, the importance of health, environment and safety, she also talked about EECS funding, the recruitment process for a new President, what applies when you work for a public authority and an update on the work with EECS' new communication channels.

Lina Bertling Tjernberg and Anders Johansson visited the meeting to talk about their work with Life Long Learning.

The meeting ended with a Q&A with submitted questions.

Answers from the meeting's Q&A

How do you measure educational volume?

"Sources of income presented at AEM 6 May was in SEK. So the educational volume in the graph is only one way of showing the GRU part of EECS. Another way is to use time allocated for different tasks, such as research compared to education. That was part of the input for the tour Sonja Berlijn is doing to all divisions this spring."

Answers from Life Long Learning (LLL)

Where can we find the templates for LLL? Anders Johansson said that they are available for the whole KTH, but we have not seen anything yet.

"The contract templates are handled by selected individual (lawyers requirements are not to review each contract education agreement). The pricing template can be sent to the financial officers who have received training. A process around this is underway at KTH, and it is not yet clear what support will be handled by the schools and what will be handled centrally.

How will admission work for these courses?

"Admission to FoV courses (Continuing professional education) is similar to that for independent courses."

Read more about continuing professional development via LLL

Presentation Life Long Learning (pdf 248 kB)