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AEM with Head of School Sonja Berlijn

Published Apr 20, 2021

Watch the recording from the meeting with subtitles in Swedish and English and read HR's answer how to report illness.

In her first All Employee Meeting (AEM), EECS’ new Head of School Sonja Berlijn addressed the importance of health, environment and safety, talked about EECS’ funding, the importance of working with impact and not just output and brought news from management – including a new meeting structure. She also shared the departments' good examples from the president's visit to EECS. The meeting ended with a Q&A with your submitted questions.

Download PowerPoint from the meeting (pptx 2.8 MB)

Answers regarding reporting illness

During the meeting, questions arose about reporting illness, so we asked Maria Engman , Deputy Unit Manager at HR, to clarify what you should do as an employee or a scholarship holder at EECS:

Maria Engman
Maria Engman, HR Deputy Manager

If you become ill, report this to your workplace on the same day. The report should be made to your immediate supervisor. If your duration of illness is less than seven days, you report your absence in the self-reporting system (HR+) when you are back at work.

For longer sickness absence which requires a medical certificate, you should report this in the self-reporting system (HR+) as soon as possible. You should state the same absence period as the medical certificate. You need to provide a copy of a medical certificate which you send to your division HR contact person or to  alternatively you can hand in or send the certificate by mail to HR EECS, Malvinas väg 10.

To see which HR contact person your division has, you will find that information available on the EECS intranet Contacts EECS

A scholarship holder is not employed at KTH and will not receive sick benefits from KTH. See more information Scholarship-Funded Postdoctor , Questions and answers .

More questions?

To see which HR contact person your division has, go to our internal pages EECS intranet Contacts EECS . You are always welcome to email general HR questions to

Remember – HR and the Professional Support has Zoom Drop in every Thursday 12.30 - 2.30 pm. Zoom links are posted every week in pEECS and here on the internal pages.

More questions to Sonja Berlijn? Submit them here  and she will answer you during the next All Employee Meeting.

Save the date – All Employee Meeting 6 May 9.00 am

More info and Zoom link will be posted on the internal pages.