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Focus on interaction between the EECS faculty board and the faculty

Published Apr 24, 2024

Some of the school’s faculty have voiced concerns that the information exchange between them and the school’s faculty board has been too low, but this is about to change according to Joakim Jaldén, vice-chairman of the Faculty Board: “While the faculty board is still in a startup phase, we hear you, and a vital point of the April board meeting was, therefore, to decide on permanent forms of interaction with the school’s faculty.

In particular, the faculty board will focus on three primary modes of interaction: open faculty meetings, Slack, and visits.

Joakim explains:

Joakim Jaldén, vice chair of the EECS Faculty Board.
Joakim Jaldén, vice chair of the EECS Faculty Board.

“Firstly, we understand and appreciate the open nature of the EECS School Assembly of the past, which many of our faculty enjoyed. It was a platform for meeting colleagues, sharing and gaining insights, and staying updated about KTH. Rest assured, this aspect will continue as the faculty board will now host regular faculty meetings to meet this need for information exchange.”

The first faculty meeting will occur on 27 May, 8-9, over breakfast, and faculty board members Cyrille Artho  and Ivy Peng will distribute a detailed programme as the date approaches.

Slack channel for updates and dialogue

The Faculty Board will engage with faculty over the #eecs-kollegium Slack channel to informally share news and listen to feedback.

Note that access to Slack at EECS and inclusion in the channel is not automatic. For new employees to gain access to Slack, contact IT support .

To access the channel #eecs-kollegium, contact the vice chair, Joakim Jaldén .

Invite to workplace meetings

The faculty board members will also be available for invitation to any workplace meetings where the EECS faculty wishes to learn more about the board’s work, share ideas, or voice concerns.

To set up such a visit, contact the board member you wish to join directly or contact Kia Höök  to get the faculty board’s help identifying a suitable board member.

“Finally, I want to stress that you can always grab a board member and share your thoughts, just as you would with any other colleague. Of course, we don’t intend to replace the above activities with everyday conversations between colleagues. Still, they will hopefully provide more continuity to the information sharing and lower the engagement threshold”, says Joakim.