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Information about system updates due to the new school organisation

Published Dec 20, 2017

The school reorganisation requires some system changes in KTH's administrative support system and for other systems that use its data or in other ways are affected by the reorganisation.

KTH-Res closed 9-12 January 2018

On January 9-12, the system is closed. All trips can be ordered through personal service at Egencia during this time, 

Note that all ongoing trips remain in the old structure and will be completed there, eg. ICT or STH. Ee want to avoid adding new travel / travel advances / orders from now on. If you can wait until the new structure is in place, we significantly reduce manual handling and correction.

HR + closed 8-9 January 2018

HR+ will be closed for all users between 8-9 January, 2018. Then we close for the relevant schools in different rounds between 10 and 15 January, 2018.


For Agresso, the financial statements will work as usual and UF will open Agresso for 2018 invoices on January 10th 2018. Possibly, UF will need to shut down Agresso 27-28 January, 2018.

Other systems connected to Agresso and HR+

There are more than 20 different systems that retrieve permission structures and data from Agresso and HR +. Initially, several of these systems will present the old organisational structure, but it will gradually be adapted. During this work, there may be malfunctions in each system.


Ladok and systems that read data from there will be updated on a later date.

Contact - if you run into problems

The reorganisation is complex and everyone wants as much information as possible about what's going on, so it's important that all system-related malformations and questions go through the same input: KTH's IT support at:

Status reports

Status reports and information are published under operational information .

Administratiors working in the systems listed above 

For those of you working within the systems listed above, use the Swedish translation of this article for more information.