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New way of working for school service technicians

At KTH Campus

Stefan Sundström fixes a coffee maker at Borggården.
Stefan Sundström fixes a coffee maker at Borggården.
Published Jan 09, 2024

In order to provide closer daily services, the buildings at KTH Campus belonging to EECS will have its own on-site service technician.

Now, it's time for the school's service technicians to move out to the organisation.

Andreas Sjögren , Head of Infrastructure and Service, explains:

Andreas Sjögren, Head of Infrastructure and Service.
Andreas Sjögren, Head of Infrastructure and Service.

"Before, the school's service technicians operated from Teknikringen 33. From the start of the year, they are based in the building they are primarily responsible for. It should be clearer who from infrastructure and service is behind the e-mail address  and who will handle incoming cases. The team is still intact and working together, but by dividing, we are convinced that we can also become more operational and create a more sustainable way of working."

"Each building on the campus is unique and needs to be treated according to its conditions. By becoming more dedicated to a defined area, it will be easier to build knowledge and thus create a more proactive way of working. We are also strengthening our collaboration with our landlord, Akademiska Hus, through house meetings to follow up on future projects and error reports," Andreas continues.

Who is your service technician?

How to contact your service technician

If you need help with something or want to make a fault report, contact your service technician via the e-mail address  or by calling 08-790 4000. You can also visit one of the school's Service Centers. 

Service Center

Service Center is the entry to support at EECS. Turn to us with your questions about, for example, mail, couriers, catering, access, guests or premises. We will also steer you in the right direction if you don't know where to turn.

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