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Summary of AEM

9 June

Published Jun 15, 2021

Watch the recording from the meeting with Swedish or English subtitles and read the answers to the questions that came in to IT. The next meeting is on2 September at 9:00.

In her latest All employee meeting (AEM), Head of School Sonja Berlijn, among other things, discussed what applies to the return to campus this autumn and gave a review of the school's research centres.

Michael Lanz and Joakim Hydén from IT visited to talk about the school's new communication channel Slack and the migration to the cloud storage service OneDrive.

Below are also answers to the questions that IT did not have time to answer during the meeting.

Answers from IT about Slack and OneDrive

Are the files backed up in OneDrive?

KTH does not make it's own backup of OneDrive but relies on the supplier's infrastructure and mechanisms and functions in OneDrive, such as version management of files and the recycle bin.

If "you" (who is it?) transfer material from Box to OneDrive, how do I know where my "original" material is i.e. the versions I work with the most?

KTH will migrate the information using a tool called Mover. We will only copy the latest version of the files. The recycle bin will not be copied.

Will it be possible to edit Office 365 documents together with external users? We often write applications together with external partners.

Yes, if you share documents with other users, you will be able to edit documents simultaneously with several users.

KTH has for some time given staff private use of Microsoft Office 365. How does the transition to 365 affect work. Will we continue to be able to use it privately?

Yes, you can use it for private use and it will not be affected by the transition. You are not allowed to use the programs for commercial purposes and it will cease when you end your employment.

Is there a Linux client for Slack?

A Linux client exists for Slack, this was something that was considered in the decision in 2017.

Is the idea to have both Slack and Teams? It probably serves the purpose.

Slack is the service used in internal communication within KTH. Teams are offered for employees who need to use the service with an external party.

What research has been done prior to the choice of collaboration tools?

The decision on Slack was made by ITA-LG 2017-05-31. The decision was based on an evaluation of MS Teams and Slack. If you have more questions about collaboration tools, please send your question to

Is there any possibility other than copy / paste to get information from Slack to something more permanent?

It is possible to export data from Slack. However, data older than 90 days are deleted.

If you do not get started with Slack from day one, will you miss information?

All posts and files remain for 90 days, so it is possible to get into use gradually.

Can Slack handle multiple accounts?

Yes, it is possible to have accounts in other workspaces (Instances of Slack) and via Slack client on computer / tablet / mobile you can easily switch between these.