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Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

25 August

Head of School Sonja Berlijn
Published Aug 31, 2022

Did you miss AEM on 25 August? No problems, here comes the summary and presentation. Among other things, Head of School Sonja Berlijn, informed how the school takes actions to reduce incidents in chemical handling, the operational plan and the move of the professional support in Kista.

The autumn semester's first All employee meeting was broadcast from the new hybrid meeting room Gustaf Dahlander on KTH Campus, with colleagues on-site and via Zoom. From 8:00, there was coffee and breakfast for those who were hungry.

Here you can read a summary of the meeting points. For more in-depth information, you can download the presentation.

Sick leave

Sonja began by reviewing the second quarter's figures for sickness absence. Luckily, we are now better at reporting our sick leave. It is essential for doctoral students and postdocs, as reposted sick leave may lead to an extension of their contract. It is still above the national average for technical and administrative personnel, and we must analyse why.


Sonja then went through the number of reported incidents during the same period and gave examples of what kind of incidents occurred. You can see these in the presentation.

Safety representative for PDC

The Parallel computing centre (PDC) needs safety representatives. Contact Patrick Janus  if you are interested.

Safety representatives at EECS

Chemical incidents

The last analysis of incidents indicated many incidents related to chemicals. Sonja gave an example of such an incident and informed us of the action plan to avoid them. A question arose whether it was more important to have updated routines or to use common sense, and both apply here. You must order correctly, handle correctly and not take ill-conceived shortcuts.

The operational plan

Sonja explained what is being done within the operational plan at KTH and EECS levels. You can see this in the presentation.

EECS' operational plan 2022

The financial unit

The school's finance unit is currently understaffed, and Sonja asked us to be lenient with the more extended response and assistance times. If you have suggestions for how you can relieve the burden, we will gladly accept them. At the same time, the unit is working on getting back up to full staffing.

New students

New students are currently pouring into the school's program, and no one could have missed the festivities on campus. At the next AEM, on 29 September, Sonja will present statistics on the number of applicants to our programs.

The professional support's (VS) move in Kista

VS changes premises in Kista and moves into EIT's former premises in Electrum. The move is planned to be completed by 20 September at the latest.

The professional support is switching premises in Kista

New programme director and communications manager

Mats Bengtsson  is the new programme director for the Electrical engineering doctoral program. Congratulations, Mats! On 1 October, Sturle Hauge Simonsen takes over as the new Head of the communications unit. We give him a warm welcome!

Interview with Mats (YouTube)

CASTOR Software Days

Sonja talked about the CASTOR Software Days conference, which takes place from 31 August to 1 September. KTH's network centre organises the event, CASTOR, with its partners Saab and Ericsson.

CASTOR Software Days

CASTOR Software Research Centre

The Senseable Stockholm Lab (SSL)

Sonja also talked about the new centre SSL, which is moving into Electrum. SSL, founded by KTH, the City of Stockholm and MIT, aims to develop and implement tools for sustainable urban development. Read more about the centre and its projects in the presentation.

The Degree project fair 2022

"Exjobbsmässan" – the school's flagship event – takes place on 12 October. The fair offers a meeting place where companies and research groups can present their degree project opportunities in the ICT area. Don't forget to register your research group and inform your students!

The degree project fair 2022

Information from IT

Your profile page and email address will deactivate when you leave KTH. Read more about this in the presentation and on the .

Next AEM 29 September

The next All employee meeting is on 29 September. After a vote via Zoom, we decided to be in the hybrid meeting room Ingrid Melinder  in the main building on the KTH campus. From there, Sonja will broadcast live; from 8:00, there will be breakfast. You choose between participating on-site or digitally.

Contribute to the agenda!

Contact  if you have suggestions for content for upcoming staff meetings. If you want to submit anonymous questions, use this form .