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Meet our new doctoral student recruiter

Interview with Lisa Olsson

Published May 24, 2022

We have spoken with Lisa Olsson who supports the school's divisions with doctoral student recruitment. Here you can both read more about how she can support you and about her great interest in surfing.

Hi Lisa and welcome to EECS! You will work with doctoral student recruitment. Tell us how you can help in that process.

"Hello! I can support and guide all parts of the recruitment process, which includes the use of, among other things, functions in the recruitment system, support during interviews and personality tests."

What are your strengths in this according to yourself?

"After several years in recruitment, I have interviewed many different people. As a recruiter, you need to be able to adapt to the candidate simultaneously as you need to steer the interview in the right direction. My main strengths are listening in and detect important details at a relatively early stage, elements that can be of great importance. I have dared to tackle these parts early and thus been able to make more qualitative assessments in the final process."

"I would also say that my work profile is calm and clear, which often means that others feel calm and secure at meetings and interviews. I have focused on using recruitment systems in a time-efficient and qualitative way. I have worked in many different recruitment systems and can usually quickly distinguish which functions have the most significant impact. However, you need to work close to the operations to capture specific needs and perceived bottlenecks."

As head of a department, what should you consider when recruiting doctoral students?

"If desired, there is help and support available in the form of system support and valuable services that can facilitate both timewise and quality-wise. Everyone has experience in different areas. Even if you feel confident in the recruitment process, there is always energy and hopefully rewarding insights to be gained from collaboration."

Lisa and Bettan

Where do you have your office?

"In the Q building on Malvinas väg 10. It's best to reach me via phone, e-mail or Slack."

Tell us something unexpected about yourself.

"My biggest passion in life is surfing. I can manage a 1-2 meters wave. Right now I use a fishtail that I call Bettan, which I have only tested in Spanish waters so far. I hope to be able to speed up in Swedish waters during the summer.