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Doctoral Student

When recruiting doctoral students, EECS follows the processes that can be found on KTH's web. On those pages you as a recruiting manager and supervisor can find information about competence based recruitment, a process map and support documentation for interviews. On the school's internal pages you will find documentation specific for the school, including the initiation of recruitment that must be filled in and signed before starting the advertisement for a doctoral student.

Conditions for recruiting a doctoral student 

Before you decide to announce a doctoral position, you need to know KTH's guidelines on third-cycle studies.

Industrial doctoral student

If you plan on recruiting an industrial doctoral student, you do not need to advertise the position. Fill in the web form for recruitment of doctoral students  (KTH login required) for motivation of admission of industrial doctoral student. Also, contact the school's agreement officer  to draw up an industrial doctoral student agreement, which must be signed by the Head of School and the student's employer. Once the agreement has been finalized, start the admission process by following the instructions on the pages for third cycle education support .  

Recruitment of doctoral student employed by KTH

Initiation of recruitment at EECS

To initiate your doctoral student recruitment process, it is required that you have filled in the web form for recruitment of doctoral students . In this form you will initiate the recruitment by stating the main supervisor, type of financing, financial officer responsible for the project and funding for the employment.

The web form will be sent to your HR-contact that will administer it. You can send in your material for the ad as soon as you have sent the form, send the material to

Advertising (doctoral student employed by KTH)

At KTH doctoral student recruitment ads are co-advertised nine times per year. To get the advertisment template and more information about the process please visit KTH's web pages on doctoral student recruitment  and follow the steps stated there. The deadlines for handing in the initiation letter and text for your ad to your HR-contact can be found below: 

Deadline for sending documents to HR Publication of ad
29 January (central deadline 5 February) 11 February
26 February (central deadline 5 March) 11 March
26 March (central deadline 31 mars) 8 April
30 April (central deadline 7 May) 13 May
28 May (central deadline 4 June) 10 June
27 August (central deadline 3 September) 9 September
24 September (central deadline 1 October)

7 October

22 October (central deadline 29 Okctober) 11 November
19 November (central deadline 26 November) 2 December

After the recruitment

Once the selection and interviews are finalized, you as supervisor must motivate your selected final candidate. To do this you need to go to the web form for recruitment of doctoral students  where you initiated the recruitment, but instead choose "Motivation of chosen candidate for employment as doctoral student" in the drop-down menu. The form will be sent to your HR-contact that will administer the documentation and send it to third cycle education support. Please have in mind that when a selected candidate has accepted the offer of employment, he or she needs to be admitted as a doctoral student at KTH before finalizing the employment. The supervisor will start the application of admission by following the instructions that can be found on the pages for third cycle education support

If the chosen candidate is relocating from outside of the EU, the supervisor needs to fill in and sign a certificate of studies. You can find a template (in Swedish) for the certificate below. The Swedish Migration Board will not accept a certificate written and signed by HR or the Doctoral Education Support. Intyg, förstagångsansökan till Migrationsverket (docx 65 kB)  (only in Swedish). Send the signed certificate to the candidate.