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Employment as amanuensis is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance and additionally there are routines set by KTH for recruitment.

To be able to get an employment as amanuensis, the candidate who applies for the position must be admitted to studies at basic- or higher level at KTH. An employment as amanuensis can be at most 50% of full-time, but no less than 10% at recommendation from the EECS-school. The employment must include one of the following: teaching, administration or participation in research. The lenght of the employment can be up to one year at a time, with a maximum of three consecutive years of employment. 

Recruiting amanuensis

The condition for recruiting amanuensis is that the position is needed for a certain amount of hours during a set period of time. If you wish to recruit an amanuensis for a course or a lab, you can get access to the general advertisement for amanuensis at your department that is handled by the school's HR unit. Contact the school's recruitment function  to ask for access. If you have a student in mind that would be a good candidate for an amanuensis position you can refer them to that advertisment. The advertisment is found on the webpage .

When you have chosen a candidate, please contact your division's HR contact

If you wish to employ an amanuensis in a specific project or in research, please contact your division's HR-contact that will help you out with an advertisement for the position. 

Hourly employment of students

If you need to employ a student for shorter projects and/or teaching that does not last for longer periods of time you have the option to employ them intermittently. You can find more information about hourly contracts on the web pages for recruiting student employees