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Postdoctoral position

Employment as postdoc at KTH is regulated by the agreement on time-limited position as postdoc by Arbetsgivarverket (Swedish Agency for Government Employers). An employment as postdoc is mainly used as a meriting employment directly after receiving a doctoral degree, and is for a minimum of two years, max three years.

Conditions for recruitment of postdoc

Once you have decided that you need to recruit a postdoc, follow the below stated process. Before you decide to go ahead with the recruitment and contact HR for help with the advertisement, you should know the regulations and restrictions that the agreement entails. Please note that Arbetsgivarverket and the unions has negotiated a new agreement that came into force as of 2022-02-01. 

The new agreement for postdoctoral employment (only available in Swedish): Avtal om tidsbegränsad anställning som postdoktor, pdf  

Process for recruiting a postdoc

When recruiting a postdoc you will not need a recruitment permit. Follow the process below to start the recruitment.

Get approval of recruitment

Inform your head of Division about your intended recruitment and make sure that you have an approval from him/her that you can recruit. Forward this approval to HR. 


Retrieve the template for the ad on the the central web pages for postdoctoral recruitment , write the ad and contact your  for a financial plan for the employment. Send the complete template to your recruitment support of your division  who will help you start a recruitment process in Varbi. 

Once the ad is published, HR will give you access to the applications in Varbi. 

Selection and interviews

After the application deadline has passed you can start interviewing candidates for the position. If you want help or advice in this step of the process, HR can offer support with interview techniques (competence based interviewing) and methods for recruiting. 

Finalizing recruitment and employment 

When you have selected a candidate and the candidate has accepted your offer, the Head of Division will need to negotiate salary terms. Please contact HR as we can offer you statistics and support in this step. 

HR will then help you close the process in Varbi, and write an employment contract for your chosen candidate after the candidate has sent in his or hers personal identification number, copy of doctoral degree documents, preferrably a copy of a "personbevis" from the Swedish Tax Agency, address and if necessary, their residence permit.