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Student employees

When employing students to work on an hourly basis, the person doing the hiring must first check if the student has already worked for KTH for an extended period of time, as LAS must be applied for all hourly appointments. Contact HR if you would like to employ a student on an hourly basis.

Before employing someone, you as a supervisor, teaching assistant or course assistant, must send the student’s personal data to HR who in turn controls if an employment is possible. If the student can be employed, HR will draft an employment confirmation that must be signed by the Head of School and the student before you can begin time reporting.

Employment process for temporary student employees

  1. Send the student’s personal data to HR, who will check it against the "LAS list" to verify that the person can be employed. You can find the email address of your divisiont’s HR contact on the .
  2. Once the contract is signed, use the form “Payment of remuneration/hourly pay”, below, to report worked hours. The document must include the project payroll designation and be signed by the course coordinator and the Head of Division. Payment of remuneration/hourly pay (xlsx 34 kB)
  3. The student must register their bank account number with Danske Bank
  4. Hourly wages are usually paid the month after the work is completed, provided the time sheet is received by HR no later than the 7th the following month. You can find the payment dates on KTH's central site salary payment and tax certificate .

For more information on employing students on an hourly basis, please read anvisning om anställning av student  (only available in Swedish). Current hourly wage rates for all hourly paid employees: KTH:s timlönebelopp  (only available in Swedish).