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On this web page you will find information on how you as supervisor manages scholarships at the school and at KTH. The most common scholarships are for doctoral students and postdocs.

For general information about scholarships and the announcement of postdoc scholarships, please visit the central page Scholarships, payment, tax and insurance

Please note that EECS will charge a bench fee of 105.000 SEK per scholarship that is to be paid by the division where the scholarship holder is placed.

Doctoral student on scholarship

Apply for a scholarship for a doctoral student

The scholarships for doctoral students are generally announced a few times per year. If you as supervisor have a project where you would like to apply for a doctoral student on scholarship you will get information about the announcement from your head of division. The announcement is in cooperation with central KTH and the China Scholarship Council. 

Other scholarships for doctoral students must be in cooperation with organizations approved by KTH, and other rules may apply. Please contact EECS HR-support  or the central scholarship management  for more information. 

When your project has been approved and you have found a candidate

As soon as your project has been approved and you have found a suitable candidate for the doctoral position you must contact the HR support for your division  and the doctoral education support . HR will help you administer the additional scholarship that is needed in most cases, this must be announced before you start admission of your candidate

The additional scholarship must be funds that you have got special allowance from the scholarship giver to use for the doctoral student. The funds cannot come from research funding or grants. 

Registration of doctoral student in LADOK and HR+

For admission of a doctoral student on scholarship, contact our doctoral education support . Once your candidate is admitted to studies, they will send the decision on admission and scholarship decision to HR that will complete the documentation with the additional scholarship for registration in HR+. Through the registration the doctoral student will get access to KTH-Res and be able to book and manage travels and travel bills, as well as getting a personal web page and visibility on 

Postdocs on scholarships

Information on what applies for postdocs on scholarships, and how to announce these, can be found on the central page Scholarship-Funded Postdoctor . Contact the recruitment support at your division  for further assistance from HR.

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