School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Admission to doctoral studies

When a candidate has been selected, the main supervisor starts the admission process by following these steps:

  1. Fill out this web form: Application for eISP user account for prospective doctoral student .

  2. Fill out this web form (only applicable for new assistant supervisors not employed at KTH): Application for eISP user account for supervisors .

  3. Create an ISP  as soon as the prospective doctoral student receives login details. This can only be done by the main supervisor.

  4. Submit to the Doctoral Education Support, Malvinas väg 10:

    • The form Application for doctoral studies (third cycle studies)  in original. Email a scanned copy to speed up the process, while the original is being sent by post.

    • Copies of Master’s degree, transcripts or diplomas which prove that the applicant meet the general and special entry requirements . Note that special entry requirements are specified in the third cycle subject's study plan .

    • A doctoral student funding plan approved by the Head of Division. If it is a doctoral studentship funding, HR will send us this document which was created at the start of the recruitment process.

    • A compilation and ranking of top candicates. If it is a doctoral studentship funding, HR will send us this document which was created at the end of the recruitment process.

If the prospective doctoral student is employed by industry, contact the school's agreement officer  to draw up an industrial doctoral student agreement, which must be signed by the Head of School (skolchef) and the employer. Send a copy of the finalized agreement to the Doctoral Education Support before admission (required).

For other types of admissions, such as collaborations between universities, or if the prospective doctoral student will be funded by a scholarship, contact us  for more information.


Admission requirements

How to become a doctoral (PhD) student at KTH