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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Writing a thesis

Writing a thesis is a requirement to obtain a degree of doctor or licentiate. It can be either a compilation thesis or a monograph thesis. It must be written in English, and must contain an English abstract and a Swedish summary. KTH's Guideline on Third-Cycle Studies  contains general quality requirements for a doctoral thesis and licentiate thesis. Specific quality requirements are set out in the general syllabus for each third-cycle subject .

Templates and covers

It is recommended, but not mandatory, to use KTH's official template.

A thesis must exhibit a standardised appearance in line with KTH's Brand guidelines . The cover, title page and the following page with book information will be produced by the printing company US-AB. If problems with LaTeX-pdf should occur during printing, see further instructions from US-AB here: LATEX Checklista.pdf (pdf 37 kB) . If you are unsure about which subject to state on the cover page, please contact .

Completing a thesis

A completed thesis must be given an TRITA and ISBN number. This is requested when applying for a public defence of doctoral thesis  or a licentiate thesis seminar .

A completed thesis must be uploaded in DiVA and printed using the print office US-AB . This is generally done a few weeks after having applied for a defence or seminar. Make sure you follow the given checklists in the links above.