Computer Science

Doctoral programme at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Doctoral programme description

Revised 2017-12-28 (pdf 97 kB)  (in Swedish)

Approved 2010-11-30 (pdf 279 kB)

Syllabus for third-cycle subject

Computer Science

Revised 2017-02-01 (pdf 172 kB)  (in Swedish)

Approved 2010-11-30 (pdf 255 kB)

Speech and Music Communication

Approved 2017-04-05 (pdf 166 kB)  (in Swedish)

Approved 2010-11-30 (pdf 259 kB)

Are you wondering which syllabus applies to you, or do you want to change to a newer syllabus? See "Which syllabus for third-cycle subject applies to me?" under frequently asked questions .

Courses within the doctoral programme

Compulsory courses

Please see relevant subject study plan.

Optional courses

​See the subheading "How to find planned courses​" on the web page Course information for doctoral students .

Doctoral Programme Council

Programme Director

Contact for general questions.

Specialisation Representatives

Contacts for matters related to the third-cycle subject.

Specialisations within the subject Computer Science

Specialisation: Theoretical Computer Science

Specialisation: Robotics, Perception, and Learning

Specialisation: Computational Biology

Specialisation: High Performance Computing and Visualization

Specialisations within the subject Speech and Music Communication

Specialisation: Sound and Music Computing

Specialisation: Speech Technology and Communication

Find more contacts on the web page Council for Third Cycle Education .