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Information and Communication Technology

Doctoral programme at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)


2022-11-28: Added the subheading "Expectation form".

Doctoral programme description

Approved 2010-11-30 (pdf 284 kB)

General syllabus for third-cycle subject

Information and Communication Technology

Valid for doctoral students admitted earliest 1 July 2017: Approved 2017-04-05 (pdf 287 kB)  (unofficial translation, see this page in Swedish for the official version)

Valid for doctoral students admitted latest 30 June 2017: Approved 2010-11-30 (pdf 271 kB)

Are you wondering which syllabus applies to you, or do you want to change to a newer syllabus? See "Which syllabus for third-cycle subject applies to me?" under frequently asked questions for individual study plans .

Courses within the doctoral programme

Compulsory courses

Please see relevant subject study plan.

Note: From 2022, the course FIL3606 The Art of Doctoral Research (7.5 ECTS credits) is replaced by two courses: FIL3609 The Art of Doctoral Research (6.0 ECTS credits) as well as FAK3127 The Sustainable Scientist (2.0 ECTS credits). All doctoral students who are admitted to Information and Communication Technology and have not taken the FIL3606 course, are recommended to take FIL3609 and FAK3127 instead.

Optional courses

See the subheading "How to find planned courses​" on the web page Course information for doctoral students .

Guideline for Progress Seminars

Guidelines for 30%, Half-time (50%) and Phd Proposal (80%) seminars (pdf 47 kB)

Expectation form

As support for early discussion between doctoral students and supervisors, an "expectation form" is available here: Basis for discussion between supervisors and doctoral students (pdf 323 kB)

Doctoral Programme Council

Programme Director

Contact for general questions.

Specialisation Representatives

Contacts for matters related to the third-cycle subject.

Specialisation: Communication Systems

Specialisation: Electronic Systems

Specialisation: Integrated Devices and Circuits

Specialisation: Software and Computer Systems

Doctoral student representatives

Find more contacts on the web page Council for Third Cycle Education .


Workshop on "Stress management in research supervision" (2021-03-09) (pdf 654 kB)