Individual Study Plan (ISP)

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)


All individual study plans at the school should be revised once per year during a specific revision period. Right now, the revision period is underway for three of the school's four doctoral programmes:

  • Computer Science: The revision period is 1 January—31 March 2020. Those who have an established ISP after 1 October 2019 do not need to do another revision.
  • Mediated Communication: The revision period is 1 January—31 March 2020. Those who have an established ISP after 1 October 2019 do not need to do another revision.
  • Information and Communication Technology: The revision period is 3 February—27 March 2020. Those who have an established ISP after 1 December 2019 do not need to do another revision.
  • Electrical Engineering: The revision period will take place during the autumn of 2020.

Since 1 April 2019, the first individual study plan should be created after admission, not before.

Creating and revising an ISP

To help you speed up this process, you can follow this step-by-step guide (pdf 6.0 MB)  which has been made specifically for EECS.

If you have technical difficulties, please contact .


How do I create an ISP for the first time?

The main supervisor initiates an ISP using the web-based eISP system . Login, click the menu "Study plans", then button "New study plan", and find the doctoral student you are supervising in the list (if the name does not appear in the list, please contact ). Fill in the required fields of the new study plan, press "Save and close" and notify the doctoral student.

If you cannot find the doctoral student, you may need to switch permission settings in the system, see this screenshot (png 15 kB) .

How do I revise an ISP?

The main supervisor initiates a revision using​ the web-based eISP system ​. Login, click the menu "Study plans", and then the button "Revise" next to your doctoral student's name. If the doctoral student has not used the eISP system before, see question "How do I create an ISP for the first time?" above.

How do I send the study plan for approval?

All new study plans start with the status "Created". This means that both the main supervisor and doctoral student can edit and save the study plan simultaneously - much like working on a draft. When the study plan is ready for approval, the doctoral student initiates the approval process by clicking the "Approve and send" button. It will then reach the main supervisor for approval. This starts ​ The eISP process (png 591 kB) .

How do I collect data from Ladok? (Only for already admitted doctoral students.)

A button labelled "Click here to obtain new data" is visible the top right corner. Both the main supervisor and the doctoral student can click this button to obtain data from Ladok. We recommend that you click the button every time the study plan is being edited to make sure the data is up-to-date.

Who can fill in the study plan?

Most fields are filled in manually, either by the supervisor or the doctoral student. However, some fields are locked and data must be collected from Ladok. The doctoral education support, the Directors of Studies and the Director of Third-Cycle Education who are reviewing the study plan cannot edit it, only give comments in the comment section and reject/approve it.

Whom should I choose as ”Program director/director of studies”?

Choosing ”Program director/director of studies” in the eISP (pdf 144 kB)

Why can I not edit the study plan?

It might be because the study plan is waiting for someone else to edit or approve (​ The eISP process (png 591 kB) ​), or the ISP has already been established and cannot be edited anymore. See the study plan's status in the column labelled "Status" in the ISP system.

Why did the study plan come back to me?

An ISP will be sent between the main supervisor and student until the supervisor approves it without having made any changes. If an ISP is not approved and is sent back, it will be received by the doctoral student first.

Why is some data in Ladok missing in the ISP?

This might be due to ongoing compatibility issues between Ladok and ISP. See updated system information here , under "Current information". For example, transfered courses are not obtained from Ladok due to system compatibility issues. In case of discrepancies on course results, Ladok will have the final say.

Why is section 3.1 "Study period used (%)" higher than expected?

This may be due to two reasons:

  1. The section 3.1 "Study period used (%)" is updated one whole semester at a time. Therefore, the number may be misleading at the beginning of a new semester.
  2. The number does not take into account all information in section 3.4 "Past and planned leaves/appointments eligible for extensions", such as commission-of-trust. Read more about this in the following FAQ.

Where do I specify special reasons for extending the study period?

Section 3.4 (png 6 kB)  of the ISP is used to specify special reasons for extending the study period, such as "illness, service in the military armed forces, parental leave or leave of absence related to an elected position in a trade union or student organization" ( ISP-manual ).

Secion 3.1 "Study period used (%)" of the ISP may not be fully reliable in the case of extensions, since the ISP is mainly a plan. The number comes from Ladok, which is not the main basis of extensions. HR will take extensions into consideration based on the doctoral student's assignments at the department, the entries in the HR+ system and, if applicable, decisions on time compensation for doctoral representatives from the PhD Chapter at KTH, when preparing the final contract. The doctoral student is recommended to communicate with , so that time extensions are correct. For questions regarding the financial aspect, the supervisor may contact .

Which syllabus for third-cycle subject applies to me?

Doctoral students follow the syllabus for third-cycle subject which was valid on the date of admission to doctoral studies. A doctoral student may switch to a newer syllabus by adding a link to it under tab 2, "Information about the subject study plan", in his/her individual study plan (see also page 4 of the step-by-step guide ). However, if the doctoral student's specialisation does not exist in the new syllabus, he/she must also apply for a change of specialisation using the form FO-BANT . The school's syllabi for third-cycle subjects are found here .


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