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Course information for doctoral students

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

How to find planned courses​

Alternative 1: Search course

  • You can extract all doctoral courses at the school using the search filter Choose from other search criteria. Tick the checkbox Third cycle and then choose  All within Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the dropdown menu
  • You can also search for courses that will be offered the coming year using the same search filter

Alternative 2: Courses by school

Information about compulsory courses are found on each doctoral programme's own web page . Note that the course fees for the two courses FAK3127 The Sustainable Scientist 2.0 credits  and FDS3103 Introduction to Scientific Writing 2.0 credits  are covered by the school. This means that all doctoral students within EECS may sign up for these courses, even though they are designed for and mandatory within the doctoral programme Electrical Engineering .

Course grades will be visible in the degree certificate.

Third-cycle courses (doctoral courses)

Admission and registration

The teacher of the course will submit a list of course participants to Doctoral Education Support. If you are participating in the course, you will be admitted and registered when the teacher submits the list. The list is sometimes submitted at the beginning of the course, sometimes at the end.

Special permission for doctoral students from other universities

If you are a doctoral student at another university, you will need to:

  1. Note that some courses use Canvas , which requires students to have access to their KTH account. However, approval for remote retrieval of KTH accounts can only be guaranteed for Swedish citizens or doctoral students with a valid residence permit in Sweden.
  2. Contact the course responsible to ascertain that the course is given, and that you may join the class.
  3. Submit the following documents to :
  4. Await confirmation on admission and registration from Doctoral Education Support and follow the instructions in the email on how to check out your new KTH account.
  5. If you have not gained access to the course in Canvas despite being registered on the course in Ladok, please contact .

Exam registration

If the doctoral course requires registration for an exam, the doctoral student does so during the registration period  via the "personal menu". Doctoral students who have forgotten to register in time can find more information about written exams here .

If the exam belongs to a second-cycle course that runs in parallel with the doctoral course

At least two weeks before the exam period starts, fill out the form Exam/ Reexam/ Partial exams  and state the following information in the comment section:

  • I am a doctoral student and can therefore not register via the "personal menu".
  • I am registered for the doctoral course [course code] and want to register for the exam of the second-cycle course [the course code stated in the web form].
  • Request email confirmation.

First-cycle or second-cycle courses

Admission and registration

  1. The course must be stated as a planned course in your latest established ISP. If it is not added there yet, please revise your ISP.
  2. Fill out the web form Application for first or second cycle course for doctoral students at EECS .
  3. After receiving confirmation about course admission via email, you need to register for the course via your “personal menu” during the web registration period.
  4. If you have not gained access to the course in Canvas despite being registered on the course in Ladok, please contact .

  5. Once the course has finished and been reported in Ladok, contact  and request that the course be transferred to your doctoral programme. Otherwise, you will not be able to include the course when you apply for a degree certificate.

Exam registration

Doctoral students register for exams via their “personal menu” during the registration period . Those who forget to register for the exam on time may find more information about written exams here .

Attending lectures without intending to take the course

Doctoral students at KTH are allowed to "observe" courses without intending to take the course or get credits for it, as long as examiner approves it.

Courses in Swedish

Non-Swedish speaking employees at KTH are strongly encouraged to learn Swedish. KTH offer several courses tailored to different levels. See the web page Swedish studies at KTH . The doctoral student's division will cover the fee for the course. For practical details, such as an invoice reference (link in Swedish) , please contact your supervisor.

Transferring course credits

Submit the following documents to :

  • The form FO-TRAK.pdf (pdf 96 kB)  or FO-TRAK (MOOC).pdf (pdf 99 kB) , filled out and signed. Use the latter form for online courses, such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Please note that MOOC courses require a local examination.
  • Course certificate or transcript

School policy on summer courses

For summer schools, and similar courses, where it is clearly stated how many ECTS credits the event corresponds to, this number of credits can be transferred. Otherwise, a doctoral student can be credited up to 4 ECTS credits per week if the course contains non-trivial assignments and/or an examination. In all other cases up to 2 ECTS credits per week can be transferred.

Conferences and workshops

Conferences and workshops are counted as ordinary research work and can therefore not be transferred.