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Meet our new Director of Third Cycle Education

György Dán

György Dán, Director of Third Cycle Education at EECS.
György Dán, Director of Third Cycle Education at EECS.
Published Oct 02, 2023

Since 1 July, György Dán is the school's new Director of Third Cycle Education (FA). We have talked to him about the new assignment.

Yet, he is no newcomer to third-cycle education at EECS. Before taking on the role of Director of Third Cycle Education (FA), he was the Deputy Director of Third Cycle Education, responsible for the doctoral programmes in Computer Science and Mediated Communication.

What do you do besides working with the school's third-cycle education?

Fact box teletraffic systems

Teletraffic systems are systems where randomness is an intrinsic property of the system, yet we would like to say something definite about the system's behaviour.

“I've been a Professor of Teletraffic systems since 2017. I lead a research team and teach computer science courses at the first and second cycle and a third-cycle game theory course starting during the autumn semester."

“I will be responsible for the school's third-cycle education until 30 June 2024, then I will continue as Deputy Director of Third cycle education for the two above-mentioned doctoral programmes, and Sarunas Girdzijauskas will take over the FA role.”

How will you divide the work with the third-cycle education between yourselves?

“Lars Jonsson, Sarunas Girdzijauskas and I will take on the FA role in rotation while remaining responsible for our respective doctoral programmes. The three of us work together to improve the processes related to doctoral education, from recruitment via supervision to graduation and beyond.”

How do you strive to make the doctoral education even better?

“We are working with the programme directors of the doctoral programmes, THS and the university administration on gradually improving the processes that could facilitate communication and cooperation between students and supervisors. In the background, we are working with the dean of faculty and the directors of third-cycle education at the other schools, to lay the groundwork for a new quality management system for doctoral education at KTH. We aim to have an effective system that helps identify potential problems. Many things are going on, and we hope they will serve all in the best possible way.”

Tell us about the summer camps for doctoral students.

“In June 2023, almost 80 doctoral students attended and highly appreciated the first EECS PhD summer retreat. The retreat's theme was time management, and we are planning additional retreats on scientific communication and presentation techniques for second and third-year doctoral students and innovation and entrepreneurship for the most senior doctoral students.”