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Moving forward with communication

When forming a new centre, the start-up phase is critical to the ongoing process. KTH has downloadable establishment and meeting templates to help in the start-up phase.

The start-up phase of a new centre is fundamental to communication going forward. When the centre director and communicators agree on expectations, information and support from day one, this lays a better foundation for cooperation and execution of operational and strategic communication efforts.

Before starting up a centre, the host school should initiate a start-up meeting with the centre director, the COM centre communicator and a communications representative from the host school to discuss and ensure consensus on the following points:

  • The resources available and what has been agreed for communication activities. 
  • The centre’s needs and wishes linked to communication.
  • Priorities for the centre communicator (based on the above points). 
  • Roles and responsibilities and contact channels for different issues (COM, host school, centre).
  • Process for preparing the communication strategy and plan.
  • Possible communication channels for the centre, KTH and host school channels. 
  • Guidelines for co-profiling at KTH. 
  • Routines for sharing content and providing tips about news at KTH. 
  • Practical aids (for example, templates and guides) and collaboration forums for centre communication at KTH.

A start-up meeting should be held and documented regardless of the size of the centre. The agenda and participants must be adapted based on centre size and needs. A proposed agenda and accompanying question battery can be downloaded below and can serve as a guide for a start-up meeting.

Template: Agenda for start-up meeting (docx 59 kB)

Template: Agenda for follow-up meeting (docx 60 kB)

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Last changed: Oct 19, 2023