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Microsoft Teams - troubleshooting of login problems

About identifying your Microsoft account type and check your Teams license if you have login problems

Troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams  

Check if you have browser or account problems

If you're experiencing issues logging into Teams, we always recommend that you open an "InPrivate window" in your webbrowser and try to log into Teams by visiting  to ensure you're not reusing an old session. If you can log in in the private window, there is no problem with your Teams account and it should be resolved in a normal browser window if you clear cookies and browser history in your browser.

Check whether you are logged in with a KTH account or a Microsoft account

1. Visit the Microsoft account sign-in page by clicking .

2. Enter your e-mail address" in the format "" ​​if you are a KTH employee in the provided field and click "Next"

3. If a password entry screen appears, your email is recognized as a Microsoft Consumer Account.

How to determine as a KTH user or external guest whether one's account is an EntraID account (previous Azure AD account or a so-called work/school account)

1. Go to .

2. Input your email address and click "Next".

3. If prompted for a password, your account is an EntraID account. Should you encounter a message stating, "You can't sign in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account instead," it means your email is registered as a Microsoft Consumer Account.

Check the availability of a Teams license if you are a KTH user or an external guest with an EntraID account

1. Access the Office portal by following .

2. Log in with your EntraID account details, suitable for both KTH affiliates and authorized external guests.

3. Navigate to the "Subscriptions" section upon login.

4. Examine the list of applications under your subscriptions. The presence of Microsoft Teams in this list indicates an active Teams license associated with your EntraID account, whether for KTH members or external guests.