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Microsoft Teams - FAQ

On this page you will find answers to the most common questions about Microsoft Teams.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Teams

How do I get invited to other Teams?

For employees and students, this process must be followed

  1. Contact the person who has the Microsoft Team you want to be invited to send an invitation to the following e-mail address,
  2. After you have received the invitation e-mail click on the link in the e-mail and Teams will open with access to the team you are invited to.

How do I log in to Teams?

To log in to Teams use and your regular KTH password.

Can I use Teams to Collaborate with People, Companies or Projects that are Outside of KTH?

Yes, employees and students can always be invited to external organizations Teams.
If you are an employee and will initiate a collaboration and is the one who invites external organizations that must use Teams, you can contact KTH IT-Support  to get an extended license.

Can I Create My Own Team?

No, not normally. You can only create your own team if you have the extended license as described under the heading "Can I use Teams to Collaborate with People, Companies or Projects that are Outside of KTH?"

Can Students use Teams?

If you are invited to Teams from an external company or organization you can participate in Teams by using the invitation to their enviroment.
You as student can not use Teams to send invitations. If you want to send invitations for a Teams meetings we recommend to use a private Microsoft account.
If you are participating in a research project at KTH that are using Teams we can grant a license even if you are a student.

Do I Need to Buy a License for Teams? 

Teams licenses are included in our Microsoft Campus agreement at no extra cost. 

How do I Install the Teams Client?

As Teams does not require administrator rights on your computer, you can download the Teams client from (external link)  and install it.

If you have a KTH Windows computer, you can install Microsoft Teams from Software Center.

Can I use Teams with a web browser?

Yes, Teams are available as a web client as well. You can access it at (external link) .

Can I Record a Teams Meeting?

Yes you have the possibility to record a meeting in Teams. Follow the instructions linked here, Record a meeting in Teams (external link) .

Can I Invite External Users to a Teams Group Chat or Channel? 

If you want to invite an external user to a group chat or a channel you will need to invite that user to a team and after that user has accepted the invite you will be able to add that user to group chats or other Teams.

Naming Rules for Teams

If you have access to Teams for collaboration with people, companies or projects that are outside KTH then you have to follow the naming rules for Teams. 

For External Teams the naming rules are:

<school> <department> <external or ext> <group or project or purpose>

Some examples in naming teamgroups

GVS IT External ProjectX
GVS IT Ext ProjectX

Try to use abbreviations for school and deparment when you are naming your team.
You can also use dashes instead of blank spaces in the team name.

If any employees are involved in your external collaboration, they must also have access to Teams in order to participate in your cooperation.

Note! We reserve the right to rename or remove a team that violates the naming rules.