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Schedule a Teams meeting

Scheduling of Teams meetings can only be done in Outlook on a Windows computer

Due to that KTH do not have the entire email and calendar functionality inside the Microsoft cloud service (Exchange online) you can not schedule Teams meetings with the little calendar icon as shown in most of the guidlines on the web.

The following applies for scheduling Teams meetings in the KTH Teams enviroment.

Mac users

If you use a Mac you cannot schedule a Teams meeting as it requires that you have your mailbox in Exchange online. And that does not apply for KTH.

Windows users

Windows user have the possibility to schedule a Teams meeting with their regular Outlook calendar. This functionality requires Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 365, and the Teams client installed on your computer and logged in as Then you will have a Teams meeting icon in the calendar view in Outlook.

Schedule Teams


Teams meetings can not be scheduled in the webmail. Only in Outlook on a Windows computer.

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Last changed: Dec 17, 2020