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Connect to VPN in KTH Windows

On you find instructions on how to connect to VPN on a KTH Windows computer.

If you use your KTH Windows computer when working remotely, it is preconfigured to connect to VPN.

  1. To connect, tap the network icon in your start field that is circled in the bottom of the image and if you are using a wireless network, the icon is replaced with the icon you see in the image next to the text "eduroam Secured". Then click "Connect" to connect to the VPN
    picture of connect to vpn icon in windows 10
  2. If you then want to access your home directory, you must connect the H:\ drive separately. Double-click on the "CONNECT-H-DRIVE.cmd" shortcut that is found on your computers desktop, and you will then access H:\ via the file explorer, for example 
    picture of icon to connect to h drive
  3. If you experience problems connecting to a VPN, you can troubleshoot problems while teleworking

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Last changed: Apr 14, 2021