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FAQ regarding client backups

Computers using client platforms in IT Workspace use Code42 for backups. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the backup service


Can I restore a lost file/directory myself?

All users can restore files and manage their backups at any time and from any location. You do not need to contact IT support to restore files.

Why is the backup of "Desktop" from my KTH Windows computer empty?

"Folder redirection" is used for your user and it points down the files to home directory on the file server (H :). Contact KTH IT Support to see if files can be restored.

What does the Code42 client back up?

Except for system files and applications we back up all files on the local hard drive. Files stored in the "nobackup" folder are excluded.

Can I exclude private files on my computer?

No. The reason is that our main goal is to protect against data loss. Therefore we want to avoid even the possibility of excluding important files accidentally.

In order to exclude files you must request this from IT support. Contact to say "I want to exclude files/directories from my Code42 backups!" Files that are then excluded will immediately be removed from all backups, including all older backups for that device. See - Change the file selection (external link)

When you can change the exclusion rules, you are also responsible for making sure all appropriate files are backed up, and for checking the backups to verify this. The IT department cannot restore files that are excluded.

Where are the backups stored?

All files are stored (encrypted) in Cloud42's cloud system.

Who can restore my files?

You can restore files yourself, as can staff in the IT department. Code42 do not have access to any files, they see only encrypted data.

Are my files secure?

All communication between the backup client, KTH's server and Code42 is encrypted with AES-256. Encryption keys are handled locally, on KTH's servers, and are not available to Code42. All encryption is done locally, by the client, before sending data to Code42 for storage.

Regarding data encryption: - Archive encryption key security (external link)

How do I log in to Code42?

You log in using your KTH.SE account, same as on other KTH systems.

How can I check the backup status for my system? - Get started (external link)

Can I use the backup service even if I don't use a centrally managed computer?

At present the service is only available for centrally managed client platforms. But we plan to provide the service for others, priced as low as possible to cover our costs.

For now, the service is for users of the client platforms, but we will offer the backup service at self cost price.


How do I restore a file? - Download a single file (external link)

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How do I search for files? - Find files to download (external link)

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How can I find hidden files? - Hidden files (external link)

Where are restored files saved? - Save selected files to (external link)

If the file that is restored already is in the same folder you can over write it or give it a new name. - If file already exists (external link)

Are file permissions restored? - Permissions (external link)

Can I restore files to a different operating system? - Download files to a different operating system (external link)

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