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Ubuntu: Shared mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu

Quick reference guide on how to add shared mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu computers.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Ubuntu computer
  2. Click on "Local Folders"
  3. Choose "Account Settings" on the right
    "Account Settings" markerad under "Local folders"
  4. In "Account Settings" click on "Account Actions" and choose "Add Mail Account"
    "Account Actions" markerad under "Account Settings"
  5. Under "Set up Your Existing Email Address" write your name and shared mailbox address. Leave Password field as empty for now. Click on "Configure manually"
    Namn, e-postadress är ifyllda. "Configure manually" knappen är markerad.
  6. Write IMAP, SMTP and Username according to the text or picture below, click on Done.
    Incoming Server settings:
    Protocol: IMAP
    Port: 993
    Connection security: SSL/TLS
    Authentication method: Normal password
    Under "Username:" write / following by your KTH Account username/shared mailbox name.

    The shared mailbox name is not the same as Contact KTH IT-Support to get the full shared mailbox name, tel 08-790 6600 or send an e-mail to .

    Outgoing Server settings:
    Port: 587
    Connection security: STARTTLS
    Authentication method: Normal password
    Username: Your KTH Account username

  7. Fill your KTH Account password

    Lösenordet är ifylld.
  8. Click on "Finish".

    "Finish" knappen är markerad.
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