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Ubuntu: Shared mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu

Quick reference guide on how to add shared mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu computers.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Ubuntu computer
  • Click on Local Folders
  • Choose View settings for this account under Accounts on the right
  • In Account Settings click on Account Actions and choose Add Mail Account
  • Under "Set up an Existing Email Account" write name and shared mailbox name. Leave Password field as empty. Click on Manual config
    Name and e-mail address are given.
  • Write IMAP, SMTP and Username according to the picture below, click on Done. Under "Username: Incoming:" write / following by your KTH account/shared mailbox name. The password is the very same as used by the personal KTH account.

    The shared mailbox name is not the same as Contact KTH IT-Support to get the full shared mailbox name, tel 08-790 6600 or send an e-mail to .
    Server settings are shown.
  •  When everything is done, it should look like this
    Server Settings:

    Outgoing Server SMTP Settings:

    Ougoing server settings in the Thunderbird client are shown.
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Last changed: Mar 03, 2023