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KTH E-mail in Windows - Outlook 365

Quick reference guide for adding your KTH e-mail in Outlook 365 for Windows.

If you, as a student or employee, do not have Outlook 365, it can be installed via the Office portal. Follow this guide to install Office 365 .

  1. Open Outlook and fill in your KTH e-mail ( and click on "Connect" ("Anslut")
    "Connect" button is marked.
  2. Choose "Exchange"
    Exchange icon is marked.
  3. Wait for Outlook to prepare the E-mail account
    Outlook is preparing the E-mail account .
  4. When the prompt about login appears, click on "More Choices"
    "More Choices" button is marked.
  5. Choose "Use a different account" and fill in\username and your KTH password
    "Use a different account" is marked. Username and password needs to be entered.
  6. Uncheck "Install Outlook Mobile on my phone as well" ("Installera Outlook Mobile på min telefon också"), then click on "Done" ("Klar")
    "Done" button is marked.
  7. The E-mail account is now configured!