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Here we keep answers of the most common questions about KTH computer accounts

What is a KTH account ?

Your KTH account is the personal identity in the KTH central user database. The KTH account is used to access IT-services and systems at KTH. Examples of those systems are: Personal menu, KTH central email system, Canvas, KTH wireless and also Administrative support systems.

A KTH account will be created for you automatically, either after you are enrolled at a KTH course or programme, or after you've been offcially registered as a KTH employee.

How do I check out my KTH account ?

The KTH account is retrieved through the local IT-support.

Contact IT Support

Acceptable forms of identification at KTH

Read more about acceptable forms of identification at KTH

How can I activate my KTH account?

If you receive a temprary activateion code follow instructions on the link:

Activate KTH account

Do you need a password to your new account or lost your password for your KTH account ?

If the KTH username has been recived but the password is forgotten, then contact the local IT-support and bring a valid ID along for identification to gain a new password.

If aware of the own password and want to swap, then this can be achieved at My pages below the headline Settings.

Change password

What about email connected to the KTH account ?

For every KTH account an email account is created. Standard format of the email addresses is the KTH username followed by @kth.se.
The email is reached either by web at webmail.kth.se , or using a local email client on the computer. The most common email clients are represented on the KTH IT-Support homepage.
Not to use the KTH mailserver is an available option, forwarding email makes it act more like an alias and forward email to a second by the owner chosen email. This is performed at the Personal menu, below your name. Observe KTH users support can not support outside email systems.

How or when is a KTH account created (incl. username and email-address) ?

A KTH account is generated in the central user database mainly based on two sources of information: system of documentation about students (Ladok) and system of staff registration (HR+). Transfer of relevant information is performed each night why registrations become active the day after they have been entered in to the central users database. After this fetching the private password is possible.
Creating accounts manually is only performed as an exception, for people with KTH connection that need the resource without existing as a student in Ladok or employed by KTH in HR+. Prior to this a school, department or equal need to order the account.

Why did I get this username ?

Username is per automation chosen by the system importing new users from sources earlier mentioned. The system creates a non existing username using between 2 and 8 characters based on users first- and/or family name, if no such combination exist digits can be included in the username.

Can I change my KTH username ?

Swapping username is only permitted by exeption, this while affecting more than the central user database. Other systems co-existing, using the content of the users database are not made up to date per automation why the user might end up with undesired problems. Following exeptions are considered:

  • if the usename happends to be offending (by.ex. a curse in a language)
  • if the name username was built from is changed
  • if the username was built based on a misspelled name.

A user can not change their username of own accord, the local IT-support need to be contacted about the concern.

What information about me is stored in the user database ?

Personal/individual parts in the users database are mainly full name and social seurity number. Social security number is for restricted use as when the individual shows ID due to a KTH password. Majority of the systems use the individual, unique KTH-ID to identify the user (se What is a KTH-ID?).
In the user database there is also information about group-participation, mainly according to Ladok (courses and study program) and staff registry database (institutions and units), manually administered groups do exist, created due to groups of people who need access to specific systems outside the default ones.
User database is reported to the KTH personal fact representative Personal data representative as prescribed in the law around personal fact personal data protection act (1998:204) (PuL).

What is a KTH-ID ?

Your KTH-ID is a unique identifier in the central user database, KTH-ID are implemented for less implementations depending of social security numbers. Social security numbers are unsuitable due to restrictions about using those, they can be changed and some people do lack social security number (for instance. foreign guests).
The reason that the KTH-ID is a bit awkward is that it should be difficult to guess, they are among other things used in individual email. A big advantage in avoiding swapping the alias used for username and pre @ in the kth.se email it the fact the official alias and username can be used by other systems like Ladok and HR+.
A user do not have to memorize the KTH-ID, username and password works out just fine.

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