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FAQ about KTH Account

On this page you will find answers to the most common questions about KTH Account.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I retrieve my KTH Account?

The KTH Account is retrieved through your local IT-Support .

You must present a valid identification  when you retrieve your KTH Account.

How do i activate my KTH Account?

If you receive a temporary activation code you must activate your KTH account .

How to get a new password to your KTH Account

If you have a KTH username but lost your password, contact your local IT support.

If you want to change your current KTH password go to Change Password on your KTH account .

E-mail connected to your KTH Account

For every KTH Account an e-mail account is created. Standard format of e-mail addresses are
The e-mail is reached either by web at , or by using an e-mail client. Settings for the most common e-mail clients can be found on the page E-mail .

You can choose to forward your e-mail to another e-mail adress if you prefer that option.

Please note that KTH IT-Support does not give support on external e-mail systems.

How is a KTH Account created?

A KTH Account is created and generated in the central user database mainly based on two sources of information: study documentation about students (Ladok) and staff registration (HR+).
Creating accounts manually is only performed as an exception, for people with KTH connection that need the resource without existing as a student in Ladok or employed by KTH in HR+. A responsible person at a school, department or equal need to order the account before it is created.

Why did I get this username?

Usernames are automatically chosen by the system when imported from the source systems. The system then create a non existing username between 2 and 8 characters in lenght based on the users first- and/or family name. If no such combination is available digits might be included in the username.

Can I change my KTH username?

Changing username is only permitted by exeption. Other systems using the content of the users database are no updated atomatically hence the user might end up with undesired problems.
Exceptions taken into account:

  • if the usename is offensive (for instance if it resembles a curse in some language and such)
  • if the name the username was based on changes
  • if the username was based on a misspelled name

A user can not change their username by them selves and need to contact the local IT-support for assistance.

What information about me is stored in the user database ?

Personal information in the user database are mainly your full name and social security number. Social security number is for restricted use for instance to identification when retrieving a new KTH password. Most of the systems use the individual, unique KTH-ID to identify the user.
In the user database there is also information about group affiliations, mainly according to Ladok (courses and study program) and staff registry database (institutions and units), manually administered groups do exist too.

What is a KTH-ID?

Your KTH-ID is a unique identifier in the central user database, KTH-ID are implemented for less implementations depending of social security numbers. Social security numbers are unsuitable to use due to restrictions, they can be changed and some people also lack social security number (for instance foreign guests).
A user do not have to memorize the KTH-ID, username and password works out just fine.

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Last changed: Apr 27, 2022