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KTH Account

On this page you find basic information about KTH Account.

Information about your KTH Account

Your KTH Account is the personal identity in the KTH central user database. The KTH Account is used to access IT-services and systems at KTH. Examples of those systems are: Personal menu, KTH central e-mail system, Canvas, KTH wireless network and administrative support systems.

A KTH Account will be created for you automatically, after you've been officially registered as a KTH student.

Username and Password

To log in on you need a username and a password.
The password is personal and must be kept secret, it is only known by you.

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Get a password to your KTH Account

There are various ways to get the password to your KTH Account.

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Activate your KTH Account

Before you can start using your KTH Account, you need to activate it.

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Change password on your KTH Account

For security reasons, it is a good idea to change your password at regular intervals.

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Questions and answers about KTH Account

If you want to know more about your KTH Account, you can visit the page with common questions and answers about KTH Account, FAQ about KTH Account .

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Last changed: Nov 30, 2022