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Disposal or transfer of equipment

Regarding the disposal of personal equipment, as well as the transfer of equipment between owners.

Note that this feature is only for University Administration (VS) and Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE).

  1. Log in to Portal for IT-matters  and click on “Contact”
    Contact button
  2. Then click on “Recycling of equipment”.
  3. Then choose “Disposal (or transfer) of equipment” for your school and fill in the form.
    Note that this only applies to ABE and VS at the moment.


At KTH, we send units that meet recycling criteria to a procured third-party company. In this way, we contribute to the durability of equipment so that it can be reused instead of being scrapped directly. Read more about the routine for this in the following PDF document (document is in Swedish): Universitetsgemensam rutin för utrangering av stöldbegärlig ITutrustning, AV-utrustning och mobiler (pdf 213 kB)